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Overview of informative sites

GGD Amsterdam

This site of the municipal health department (GGD) is aimed at young people between the ages of 13 and 23 years old. Arranged thematically, it provides answers to questions about things like relationships, the body, sex, emotions, and alcohol and drugs. Homosexuality and other related themes are also discussed on this site. A chatbox on the site allows you to chat with specially trained staff or a GGD doctor.

Gay & Lesbian Switchboard

The Gay & Lesbian Switchboard provides information to lesbians and gay men on every conceivable topic in relation to homosexuality.



MANtotMAN is the go-to website for information about healthy sex. In MANcyclopedia you will find everything you need to know about gay sex. With the “Seks-wijzer” you can check how safe your sexual practices are.